Take a look at what people who took part in ISC Brasil 2017 – 12th International Security Conference and Exposition had to say:


"Every year we've taken part, we've had excellent post-show returns, since we have the chance to develop new business with clients we've just met while also strengthening relations with long-time partners."
"ISC Brasil is an event that brings clients, the brand and business significant visibility. It's ideal if you want to attract a public focused on and specialized in the security area."
"ISC Brazil has a lot of potential for new business in the security area in general. It's the place to prospect new clients and touch base with established clients who come to see our new products. This allows us to generate sales and we're able to develop new as well as old clients. Moreover, the public comes to the show to see what's new and understand what the market is providing in terms of security, because of the huge amount of technology all in the same place."
"We think that ISC Brasil is the largest security industry show in Brazil. Being at the event is essential for medium and large companies to show and strengthen their brands, check out key innovations and technologies in the market and, therefore generate sales and future business."
"ISC Brasil is a chance for us to publicize our launches to the national market in terms of technology and solutions, generating more business for our company."
Schneider Pelco
"We believe that ISC Brasil is the best and most important trade show for our industry. The event's organizers offer an exclusive website that shows everything I need, including a general participation checklist."
"ISC Brasil is a show that provides an opportunity for us to be close to our partners, manufacturers and distributors, to strengthen relations and generate possibilities for new business."


"ISC Brasil is important for us because we can find partners who can satisfactorily evolve business opportunities."
"ISC Brasil provides an opportunity to get in touch with business partners and manufacturers in a corporate environment with lots of new information."


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